Our story

Founded in Stockholm 2006, Jim Rickey was created to fill the huge gap between sports shoes and the overpriced products from the luxury brands. The idea was to offer products to high quality, minimalistic and timeless design at a fair price. This is still our goal and objective. Over the past 15 years, we have developed, learned and changed, for the better. We are constantly working with our suppliers to continue the work with environmental awareness so that we can all be a part of the future.

A product's footprint on the environment cannot only be measured for the moment but also calculated how long it lasts. With timeless design, premium materials and excellent craftsmanship, we think that Jim Rickey is a good very good choice to contribute.

The difference is made now

Jim Rickey products are made by a number of carefully and reliable producers in Europe and Asia. Top quality and reliability are just some of the important criteria our producers and suppliers must meet.

In addition to this, they must of course also follow the strict requirements we have for the materials from an environmental point of view. All suppliers we work with must comply with REACH and also be approved by L.G.W (Leather Workers Group) or certified by OEKO-TEX. 

How we do it

Traditional craftsmanship has given way to mass production, the world wastes valuable resources in favor of cheap junk products which results in more recycling and in the worst case waste.It is quite logical really, durable and well-made products lead to less misuse of all kinds of resources. At Jim Rickey, we cherish tradition and therefore choose small family-owned factories that have an eye for both detail and long-term perspective.

We produce all our shoes in Felgueiras, the area north of Porto. There is a long-standing tradition of shoe production with all its components where it is not uncommon for the craft to go on for generations.


Jim Rickey AS
Nedre Slottsgate 7
0157 Oslo


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